Rather i’ll be known as🥀

oh! the caterpillar has got the wing

queen, are you waiting for your king?

the butterfly changes its phase.

but where are you putting your gaze?

flowers over flowers it flies away.

blooming like a fairy in the sun of ray

withstanding the hardship.

sitting on a sword tip

but oh! that nasty creature

killed the heavenly dreamer

was the beauty less?Then why such mess?

so queen buckle up & that speed double up

cause beauty dies or are murdered

but their value will still be measured

So why rip your heart?

for the one who broke it

rather give your life a kickstart

cause i’ll be rather known as a girl

who fights for the right

than crying all life & night

i’ll be rather known as a girl

who has all the reason

to turn her nectar to venom

but chose not to

cause she won’t change

or bend the goodness

her heart carries

for the sake of filthy people.

choose yourself & your peace.

Don’t hurt anybody

but also don’t beg nobody

to trade your tear,

in the name of their fear

so queen, you’re the king!

cause i’ll be rather known as a girl

who works for what she dreams of

rather than being a babbler ,

of backbiting someone else’s life


All copyrights reserved.©️

Thankyou for reading.

gmail: thevaloroussoul@gmail.com

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