NY 2021✨

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Los angeles(dream place) ♥️ cause someday i wish to be here!!

What should be this year resolution? or should i say every positive thought u’re having rn for 2021 should be implied to all your life. Here are some of my personal thoughts!

• First & foremost Always think positive. it’s okay to fall down & fall back & Repent but what isn’t okay is to stay engrossed in that position. you gotta rise up too !

• Surround yourself with positive & healthy people who have a better opinions not about peoples but life, science, nature etc

• Pamper yourself with self love. This has to be the most important bookmark of your life. if u won’t love yourself , u won’t be able to give or recieve love to others too !

• limit yourself while trusting people. share what is right. world & people have changed. & their greed knows no boundaries today!

• protect your mental peace. Mental health is going to be the most hype discussion in coming generation ,even today it’s much discussed !

• focus on your career . focus on things which can’t be taken away from you. Your individuality, your personality, your perception to see life, your thoughts & so much!

• In a world where you can be anything first be kind cause it’s priceless & free !

learn from past, invest in today & work for future. Past is just a lesson or a blessing either way u take it. don’t think too much that every nerves of your brain dry up! :p

• Always spend time for what gives you the most happiness & peace. like your hobbies dancing, singing, drawing, or it could be staying fit & working on your physique & appearance. Build that confidence up!

Lastly, life is short ! & we don’t know which day or second be the last time we see each other . So in a world where being mean is easy , stay kind!

& spread love & kindness like confetti.


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Thankyou for reading.

gmail: thevaloroussoul@gmail.com

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