where should i take this pain

it must not go in vain

the perception & the opinion

the beauty & the brain


how we opt to look at

how long will it last

so where shall i bury it

i must not bleed yet

the wounds carved open

& the heart went frozen

so allow me to heal

the scar i have conceal

I just want to convey, how often someone’s opinion vary & affect individuals. How someone’s perspective can tell us so much about them & the kind of person they aspire to be. The pain we get all along our journey in life is meant to be healed so we must not bleed on someone who didn’t cut us. So seek the almighty to heal you & any individual dare not bring you down when you are trying hard for a better you.

“The size of our heart matters the most & the way we see the world with our eyes tells how further our vision can wander.”


P.S- Yes! i did the drawing on the Rx pad. Sorry not sorry X-D

All copyrights reserved.©️

Thankyou for reading.


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