where do you go 🦋

so where do you go

when sleep doesn’t fix you

& where do you go

when you crave for love

anxiety in your nerve

& flesh in your curve

ravel by your own thought

how many times have you fought

& ache to give up

so what’s it which keeps you up

is it the essence of red velvet cake

or the realisation of your mistake

will it be fair to say

it’s the lessons u’ve learned

it’s the person u’ve earned

in order to shine like a sun

first burn like a sun’

so let it go which feels heavier

& let it come which makes easier

cause when the time will come

take the chance & give some

some of your courage

some of your knowledge

cause it’ll be worth it

for the risk u’ll take it

it’ll set u free

like water in a sea

no limitations, no boundaries


All copyrights reserved.©️

Thankyou for reading.🙂

gmail: thevaloroussoul@gmail.com

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