where should i take this pain it must not go in vain the perception & the opinion the beauty & the brain but how we opt to look at how long will it last so where shall i bury it i must not bleed yet the wounds carved open & the heart went frozen so […]

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where do you go 🦋

so where do you go when sleep doesn’t fix you & where do you go when you crave for love anxiety in your nerve & flesh in your curve ravel by your own thought how many times have you fought & ache to give up so what’s it which keeps you up is it the […]

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how well you know her🕊

midst the chaos she finds her peace moving forward with a heavy pace she finds her destiny The vision is blurry but does that mean she should stop? step by step she takes another hop delusion & dilemma seizes her mind is their any way out she will find? the calmness of nature the smile […]

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