Miles away⚡️

pretend to smile, as the memories pile smirk & move on, no shoulders to lay on their eyes betrayed as their lips lied oh! you heartbreaker was it fun to be a player? My girl ! your age is raw gotta love all your flaw every bit of love was shattered with unecessary hope, young […]

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Like an emotional rollercoaster driving emotions on her shoulder sometimes furious , sometimes curious she’s a human too like most of us maybe a lil shy, or a lil snuffy covering her layers of emotion in the most hideous way she’s been through the storm standing still on the platform she keeps rolling like a […]

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Hello People ! i made my instagram id where i’ll be posting all the stuffs. Please follow me there to stay updated ! i’ll try my best to stay active @lionheartbrawny (IG id) Also, my new post coming soon!!


Rather i’ll be known as🥀

oh! the caterpillar has got the wing queen, are you waiting for your king? the butterfly changes its phase. but where are you putting your gaze? flowers over flowers it flies away. blooming like a fairy in the sun of ray withstanding the hardship. sitting on a sword tip but oh! that nasty creature killed […]

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NY 2021✨

Los angeles(dream place) ♥️ cause someday i wish to be here!! What should be this year resolution? or should i say every positive thought u’re having rn for 2021 should be implied to all your life. Here are some of my personal thoughts! • First & foremost Always think positive. it’s okay to fall down […]

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where should i take this pain it must not go in vain the perception & the opinion the beauty & the brain but how we opt to look at how long will it last so where shall i bury it i must not bleed yet the wounds carved open & the heart went frozen so […]

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where do you go 🦋

so where do you go when sleep doesn’t fix you & where do you go when you crave for love anxiety in your nerve & flesh in your curve ravel by your own thought how many times have you fought & ache to give up so what’s it which keeps you up is it the […]

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how well you know her🕊

midst the chaos she finds her peace moving forward with a heavy pace she finds her destiny The vision is blurry but does that mean she should stop? step by step she takes another hop delusion & dilemma seizes her mind is their any way out she will find? the calmness of nature the smile […]

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